CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

We provide CAM verification and make necessary modifications to Gerber data before it goes for fabrication. Our meticulous review ensures error-free data, reducing rework time and costs while enhancing PCB quality and functionality.

  • We specialize in DFM for PCBs, ensuring that your designs are optimized for efficient manufacturing processes.
  • We verify input files for compatibility with CAM and meticulously compare them with fabrication drawings and notes to ensure data accuracy.
  • We meticulously match drill drawings with NC drill data to ensure accuracy in hole placements.
  • We conduct a comprehensive analysis of signal layers, examining annular ring sizes, space, and trace widths for optimal performance.
  • Our team performs solder mask analysis and DFM checks, focusing on annular ring sizes, fiducial openings, and exposed traces for precise solder mask application.
  • We remove silk screen markings from solderable pads and open mask areas, ensuring a clean and precise PCB layout.
  • For multilayer board fabrications, we add vents and thieves as needed to enhance thermal management and prevent voids in the PCB.
  • We offer step and repeat services with breakaway tabs, optimizing panelization for efficient production.
  • Depending on your requirements and fabrication specifications, we provide support for panelizing multiple boards for simultaneous manufacturing.

FAB (PCB Fabrication)

  • Litedesign has established partnerships with a network of local and international PCB manufacturing vendors. These partnerships enable us to offer our customers the best in terms of Quality, Schedule, and Pricing for each fabricated design.
  • Each of our vendor partners has undergone a rigorous selection process, ensuring that we collaborate only with the most qualified and reputable manufacturers.
  • Our vendor network specializes in a wide range of PCB types, including single/double-sided boards, multi-layer circuit boards, FPC flexible printed circuit boards, Rigid-flex PCBs, Impedance-controlled boards, Special-purpose boards, and MIL-grade boards.
  • Our vendor partners hold UL certification and adhere to ROHS compliance standards, ensuring that the PCBs we supply meet the highest industry quality and safety standards.
  • Whether you require large quantities or small prototype runs, Litedesign offers the flexibility to accommodate your specific production needs.
  • Through our collaborations with local and international PCB manufacturers, we have a global reach, allowing us to source and supply PCBs for projects of any scale.
  • Our well-established relationships with PCB vendors ensure a dependable and efficient supply chain, reducing lead times and minimizing disruptions in your project timelines.
  • Our vendor network’s diverse expertise enables us to cater to a wide range of PCB design requirements, making us your go-to partner for various design complexities.
  • From quality assurance to flexible quantity options, Litedesign’s partnerships with PCB manufacturing vendors provide a comprehensive solution for all your PCB sourcing needs.
  • We prioritize quality and adhere to global industry standards, guaranteeing that the PCBs we deliver are of the highest caliber.
  • Our pricing is customized to fit your project’s specific needs, ensuring that you receive cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Our international vendor partnerships extend our reach, allowing us to serve clients worldwide with top-tier PCB solutions.