Welcome to Our World of PCB Mastery

When it comes to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, our expertise knows no limits. We specialize in tackling the most complex challenges, ensuring your projects stand out in the world of electronics and technology. Explore how we can help you achieve success in the following key areas:

High Pin Count BGA Designs

Navigating high pin count Ball Grid Array (BGA) designs is our forte. We excel in managing the intricacies of densely packed BGAs, ensuring your PCBs are not just functional but also optimized for peak performance.

Production Yield Optimization in HDI Design

High-Density Interconnect (HDI) designs require more than just technical prowess; they demand efficiency and yield optimization. We go the extra mile to ensure that your HDI designs are both high-performing and cost-effective.

Length Matched Differential Pair Routing

Precision is paramount in PCB design, especially in length-matched differential pair routing. Our meticulous approach guarantees that signal integrity is never compromised.

Controlled Impedance Mastery

Achieving controlled impedance in PCBs is crucial for signal stability. Our designers are experts in crafting designs that maintain precise impedance levels, ensuring reliable performance.

Group & Propagation Delay Matched Designs

Synchronizing group delay and propagation delay is a true art form. Our team excels at creating designs that eliminate signal skew and maintain optimal timing.

Metal Clad and Metal Core Construction

For specialized applications that demand robustness and heat dissipation, we offer solutions in metal-clad and metal-core PCB construction, providing the strength and thermal management your project requires.

Design of Flexible PCBs

Flexibility meets functionality in our flexible PCB designs. Whether you need bendable PCBs for wearables, automotive applications, or other unique uses, we have the expertise to deliver.

Multilayer PCBs

Complex projects often require multilayer PCBs to meet their connectivity needs. Our team is well-versed in creating multilayer designs that maximize efficiency and performance.

High-Density PCBs – 3000+ Components

When component density is a critical factor, our High-Density PCBs shine. With the ability to accommodate 3000+ components, we ensure that your high-density projects meet the most demanding specifications.

Your Partner in PCB Innovation

At LiteDesign, we don’t just design PCBs; we craft solutions that drive progress and set new standards in the industry. Our dedication to precision, innovation, and excellence is evident in every project we undertake. Join us on a journey where technology knows no bounds, and together, we’ll turn your vision into reality. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!